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Depots at INTERSPORT Montafon

Would you like to avoid the annoying hauling of your equipment and start the day of skiing with cosy warm boots?

With our state-of-the-art ski depots in Montafon this no longer remains a winter fairy tale. Securely deposit your equipment in lockable lockers with us and your boots will be dried overnight. And the best thing: the equipment does not have to be hauled into the hotel, because our ski depots are located directly at the mountain or base stations.

Locker 2 persons - 9,- 9,- 9,- - 9,- -
Locker 4 persons - 17,- - 17,- - - -
Locker small - 3,- - - 3,- - 3,-
Ski depot single 2,50,- 2,50,- - - 2,50,- 2,50,- 2,50,-
Boot depot single 2,50,- 2,50,- - - 2,50,- 2,50,- 2,50,-


Pirces are valid per day

50 % dicount on the depot price when you rent your equipment at our place

Immaculate overnight!

Do your skis need a new edge?

We will grind, wax and polish your skis overnight and bring them back to your depot so that you can immediately hit the ski slope in the morning without losing time.